Introducing the Graph Platform

Consumable relationship data —
No infrastructure necessary.

Don't wrangle sync APIs, scale complicated processing, or analyze raw data yourself. Conduit Graph Platform provides SaaS and internal tools with clean relationship data, abstracting away complexities and ETL.

Abstract & consolidate ETL across data sources

Don't deal with raw data from Google, Outlook, LinkedIn, & others. Conduit syncs from third-party APIs or analyzes data you manage — handling email, contacts, calendar, social, and custom data.

Consume a clean & abstract relationship graph

We standardize and enhance with industry-leading NLP and AI analysis. Surface consolidated contact and tagged interactions, instead of low-value raw data.

Integrate GraphQL data, rapidly and anywhere

Structure data & filter parameters to match product needs — and from our GraphQL API, leverage it directly, white-label and integrated in your service.

Seamless relationship insight.
Better decisions, happier customers.

More sales, analytics, & customer tools are bundling CRM features to build more effective products. But the burden of implementing quality data has been overwhelming. No longer.

Your internal data is valuable. Leverage it — Conduit's extensible platform is flexible and ready to integrate. We'll help you connect clean insight — so your product can focus on what it does best.

Everything you need,
Nothing you don't.

Graph Platform runs the same infrastructure powering our prosumer & enterprise relationship management software.

Plug and play solutions

Full-service GraphQL API, with optional embed code, offers a ready-to-consume solution. Conduit presents authorization prompts to sync data and stores data on your behalf. Ideal for situations with high user control and trust, such as internal tools.

Account Insights API

GraphQL API provides user-friendly details about user's relationship history with an account given its name, email address, or phone number.

Account Insights Embed

Secure embeddable widget for web-based services, providing you ready-to-display relationship data for your product.

Sync & standardization solutions

Wrangling contacts & interactions is harder than it seems. Discrete solutions from Conduit's toolchest help make sense of raw data across multiple external services at scale.

Sync Service

Connect to Google/G Suite, Outlook/Office 365, and more to sync emails, contacts, and calendar events. Conduit connects & standardizes data across services on your behalf — you implement only once.

Contacts Transform

Combine data from disparate sources. Contacts Transform heuristically merges data with industry-leading accuracy and selects the most useful data from each source.

Event Classification

Deliver a better UX with NLP classification of calendar events into meals, meetings, and more. Conduit also extracts high-signal actionables like dial-in numbers.

People Graph

Discover tagged relationships across calendar, email, and social — and see how accounts & profiles are connected within your organization.

Coming soon.

We're working with early pilot customers and will launch Graph Platform to the public soon.