So here's a bold new idea:

What if smarter data helped you
grow your network and relationships?

Conduit makes personal CRM delightful: it's smarter and adaptive, using data to ask better questions and provide intelligent recommendations. Personal and personalized. So managing everything is less work— and maybe even serendipitous.
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You're busy, so let Conduit bring the important stuff to you.
It's the new "just tell me what I need to do."

Your Conduit dashboard is one-of-a-kind. We dig through your relationships and contacts, surfacing only what's most useful.

It's less time managing your network, and more time doing things.

  • With Rapid Review™, lay the foundation for your next meeting Intuitive, delightful, and oh so fast: take notes, confirm details, set a Resurface reminder to follow-up, and even add todos. Done in seconds.
  • Head into anything ready with Meeting Prep We'll present previous notes, key relationships, and even talking points prior to upcoming meetings. And afterwards, we'll even ask how it went.
  • Resurface™ helps you reengage old connections With Resurface™, mark contacts for recurring follow-up and specify how frequent. Conduit will use your history to track the relationship and offer a friendly bump if you haven't connected with someone in a while.

How was yesterday's lunch with Aaron Shore?

Will circle back with Emily and check with family. Aaron has been out on an Asia trip recently. Says gov may be willing to make purchase
Save and review Aaron

You have 4 todos coming up this week.

Aaron Shore See if he wants to grab meal and talk about procurement
Seth Wright and Alex Kirkman Review new speech— do they want in?
Hannah Wells Ask her whether funding round closed
Mark Choi If back from Korea, follow up on potential partnership

Resurface™ found 2 people who might be falling away.

Marcus Daniels CEO at Daniels Enterprises Inc
Last was a coffee chat 2 months ago
Rakesh Nadella Software Engineer at Green Square Analytics
Last was an email thread 1 week ago

How was Monday's coffee chat with Andrea Hartmann?

Andrea will connect me with her brother within the week
We will remind you to follow up with Andrea in one week. Cancel follow-up
Save and review Andrea

Prepare for your meeting today at 4pm.

Friedrich Johannsen Global Sales at Freiburg-Behrer
Last was a phone call in January
Angela Rehen Supply Chain Mgmt at Freiburg-Behrer
You've never met Angela. Change

How was Saturday's party with Corryn Cheltenham?

Corryn is great; just had a new kid and another on the way
We will remind you to follow up with Corryn in one week. Cancel follow-up
Save and review Corryn

You marked John for follow-up a week ago.

John Regent Hynes Institutional Advancement at MIT
Last was a phone call on Thursday

You have 3 todos that are overdue.

Call Mom, maybe get her some flowers too
Jennie Wong Book flights to go see Jennie
Ulwazi Ikpeazu Okorie Can this guy get me intro to James at HRU

Prepare for your lunch tomorrow at 1pm.

Brian Winston PhD Candidate at Harvard University
Last was a phone call on Thursday
 Help improve networking for all— we're hiring in Boston/Cambridge! React/JavaScript engineers, Python engineers, sales/partnerships, and other positions.

It's all powered by the Conduit Personal Graph™.
Our secret weapon for understanding you better.

Sync from email, calendar, contacts, LinkedIn, and more.

The Conduit Sync Engine pulls in your information privately, continuously, and securely from all your accounts. When something happens, we act.

  • First-class Google and Office 365 integration, with LinkedIn import Sync Engine supports contacts, calendar, and email 1 from Google, Google Apps, Outlook, and Office 365. With LinkedIn import, get basic info and when you connected to connections— with a link back to LinkedIn. More integrations coming soon.
  • Contextual Filtering keeps only the stuff you want Conduit automatically ignores spammy contacts, bulk email, and other irrelevant information. Sometimes, personal is too personal— so we'll also attempt to automatically skip sensitive communication like password reset and health-related emails.
  • Read-only access + strong privacy protections Precise logs let you see when we connected and what we synced. We have a privacy- and security-first ethos and business model, and will not share your data. Details on privacy →
1 Gmail support is a work-in-progress with limited availability, and we're currently syncing recent emails only. See details.
  • Google Calendar Instant sync. Per-calendar control. Enjoy Graph Enrichment™ and Intelligent Match™.
  • Google Contacts Near-time sync. Smart contact merging. Automatic profile pictures. And more.
  • Gmail1 See emails with real context. Skip sensitive emails with Contextual Filtering. Open emails in Gmail.
  • Outlook Calendar Instant sync. Per-calendar control. Enjoy Graph Enrichment™ and Intelligent Match™.
  • Outlook Contacts Instant sync & contact merge.
  • LinkedIn connections Contact and work information. Enjoy Intelligent Match™ and smart contact merging. Plus, get when you connected too.

Your timeline with Jennie

Grab lunch with Jennie and Aaron Martinez 

Tomorrow On Monday, December 4, 2017, from 12:30pm to 1:30pm
Last month

Catch-up dinner w Jennie and John M

Four weeks ago On Tuesday, November 21, from 7:00pm to 8:30pm
Location Naco Taco, 297 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA

Via Google Calendar (Personal) and Outlook Calendar (Jordan's work)
Last month

Catch-up dinner w Jennie and John M

Four weeks ago On Tuesday, November 21, from 7:00pm to 8:30pm
Location Naco Taco, 297 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA

Via Google Calendar (Personal) and Outlook Calendar (Jordan's work)
Earlier in 2017

Connected with Jennie Newman on LinkedIn

3 months ago On Wednesday, September 13, 2017 at 12:33pm

Personal Graph™ builds a model tailored to you.
It's smarter so you can be smarter.

Conduit goes beyond just aggregating emails and calendar events— it understands relationships and interactions deeply, making intelligent inferences to fill in the gaps.

  • Smart Matching identifies the right people— no calendar invite required Powerful analysis digs through your entire Graph, making sense of which Natalie was at "Coffee with Natalie P" with no calendar invite required. It's better than anything else out there.
  • Intelligent Timeline™ lets you see the whole relationship Leave ambiguous "event" and "email" labels behind— Conduit's special analysis uses natural language processing to identify meals, after-work drinks, intro emails, and more. No input from you required.
  • Combine and collapse contacts and interactions Best-in-category contact merge functionality identifies the same people across different services— like your address book and LinkedIn. And intelligent collation of email threads helps reduce clutter.
  • At work for you: always learning, always improving While some tools constantly pester to ask for your input, Conduit uses machine learning and AI analysis to become better and more accurate as you use it. It's time you joined the 21st century.

Granular control? You got it.
Good things happen when control and intuition meet.

Among hundreds of beautifully designed features:

Custom fields.

From lists to dates, add custom fields for just about anything. Then, organize and search them. Make it just for you.

Detailed labels.

Nest labels, add colors, and create new ones on the fly. Add them to contacts or interactions to find them instantly.

Powerful search.

Stop sifting through LinkedIn. Query your network to answer your questions instantly— who's where, doing what, and more.

Contact photos.

Put faces to names with high-resolution contact photos, automatically loaded from your Google Contacts and Gmail.

Smart industry suggestions.

Tell us what field you're in and we'll make thoughtful suggestions on best practices for using Conduit in your industry.

Notes how you want them.

Instead of one giant blob, organize your relationship notes by detail and time. And go back and change them at any time.

People-centric todos.

Tasks are integrated throughout Conduit, with optional notification and email reminders. So you stay on top of everything.

You have 5 active todos

Edgar HernandezConfirm Monday school visit and see if he can give talk
Rachel NguyenCan she put me in touch with her CEO
Denise McKinnonCongratulate on new job
Yaroslav LoginovaBump on paperwork

The relationship heatmap.

Can a color also be worth a thousand words? Just maybe. With heatmaps, get an instant glance at when and through what you've developed your relationship.

Conduit StepBack™: schedule and analyze almost anything.

When's a good time to schedule lunch? Which meals have I booked? How'd I do on meeting volume? Am I taking too many calls?

Unlike a calendar, StepBack™ organizes activity first by type and then by time. It's a pivot table (hey Excel nerds!) for your whole life, and a powerful new way of thinking.

For scheduling, introspection, and lots more, StepBack™ is the tool you didn't realize you needed to have.

Monday Dec 18
Nothing was scheduled.
Dinner with Altin Olsson 7:00pm
Tuesday Dec 19
Nothing was scheduled.
Joyce <> Bradley 7:00pm
Wednesday Dec 20
Joyce <> Skyler Murano 1:00pm
Nothing was scheduled.
Arnold potential sale 1:00pm
Nothing was scheduled.
Friday Dec 22
Nothing scheduled yet.
Mark P and Joyce 7:00pm
Saturday Dec 23
Green Square Analytics 1:00pm
Nothing scheduled yet.
Sunday Dec 24
Nothing scheduled yet.
Nothing scheduled yet.
Monday Dec 25
Nothing scheduled yet.
Nothing scheduled yet.
Tuesday Dec 26
Nothing scheduled yet.
Nothing scheduled yet.
Wednesday Dec 27
Nothing scheduled yet.
Nothing scheduled yet.
Thursday Dec 28
Nothing scheduled yet.
Nothing scheduled yet.

Serious about privacy.
Because respect is earned.

Security and responsibility.

Dedicated to being a responsible steward of your data. We don't mess around.

No employee access.

Conduit employees and support staff don't have direct access to your data.

Revoke at any time.

Controls within and outside Conduit let you pause or remove sync when you desire.

Contextual Filtering.

Conduit's systems attempt to automatically skip sensitive communication.

Traditional CRMs barely work for large corporations,
let alone evolving relationships.

But Conduit is a new breed of CRM— privacy conscious, data driven, and maybe beautiful.
It's built with a better world in mind. And frankly, we think it's refreshing.