Engineering at Conduit

Joining the Conduit engineering team

We're building a phenomenal team that loves solving tough problems & having fun. Here's what you need to know about the engineering recruitment process.

First, thank you for taking the time to interview with us. As we work our absolute hardest to assemble the dream team at Conduit, we value this important process and approach it with appreciation and dedication.

As a company, we’ve interviewed hundreds of candidates. We’ve learned more about how to be most helpful during this process and we hope you will benefit from that insight. Your time is valuable and we don’t want to waste it.

Recruiting values

As a company, we have a couple of values we like to uphold during this process:

  • We want to get to “yes” with you. Rather than treat interviews as a process to dig for dirt, we want to create a process that allows you to demonstrate your knowledge and background. Our goal is to go from a “maybe” to a “yes”. Our interests are aligned here: you want a great job, and we want a great team. That’s the way we’re approaching this process.
  • Value our time. We value our time and we value yours. Our coding challenges are well-scoped and time limited, and we will over-optimize for promptness when possible.
  • Value direct honesty. This may feel blunt at times, but we want you to know what we’re thinking and give you a chance to respond. If we are worried about something, we will ask you directly (rather than to let it fester in our heads). If we don’t think things would be a great fit, we’ll try to let you know right away and share our reasons why. And we will keep you informed during the process so you know where we’re at.

The interview process

Generally speaking, most candidates will move through the following “milestones”:

  • Initial email introduction. You’ll send us your resume, some projects, and background (more on this below). We’ll email back and forth to dive into your background as an engineer, to learn about what you’re passionate about, and to make sure basic prerequisites around location, technology stack, etc. are met.
  • Initial phone call. Our founder will get on the phone with you for 20-30 minutes to share the vision behind Conduit, answer your questions about the company, and to hear you talk about your background, projects, and passions.
  • Take-home coding challenge. This should take less than 2 hours. We’ll give you a different challenge depending on your focus field.
  • In-person interview. This should take less than 2 hours. We’ll have you come into our office, sit down with our team, and walk through some questions. Learn more about the in-person interview. Sometimes we’ll have some additional questions afterwards, which we discuss over email, on the phone, or in person again.
  • Coffee chat. Our founder will take you out to coffee, to make sure that Conduit is a good fit.
  • Offer. Then we’ll make you an offer. Conduit does not make exploding offers (offers with deadlines) because we don’t think that’s fair. You’ll have time to think, and we’ll be available at any time if you have any lingering questions.

Designing our process this way lets you know right away if we’re not moving forward, so you don’t waste your time and energy. There are usually fewer than 3 days between each milestone. If we make you an offer, we expect the process to take no longer than 2 weeks in total, and 10 hours of your time in aggregate.

Begin the process by introducing yourself

We prefer email over recruiting platforms because it lets us start a conversation right away. Here’s what you’ll want to include in your initial email to [email protected]

A bit about yourself

We’d love to hear a brief blurb about yourself — including previous relevant work and background — and why you’re interested in working at Conduit.

Your GitHub and LinkedIn profiles

Like most modern companies, please include links to your GitHub and LinkedIn profiles, if you have them. If you have a resume, you should include or attach it as well.

A favorite code sample or project

Please share a link to a code sample or project for which you are most proud. This can be in any programming language. You can be proud of it for any reason. For example, is it particularly efficient or elegant? Please include a brief description of the sample, and why you are proud of it.

This sample doesn’t need to be a fully blown project, but it’s usually more than a single file. It doesn’t have to be open source, but we need to be able to access and review it.

Equal employment opportunity employer

Conduit is an equal employment opportunity employer. We don’t discriminate based on race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, veteran status, disability status, or any other legally protected characteristic.

Please let us know in your introductory email if you need assistance or accommodation due to a disability. Our office is wheelchair accessible.