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Where Gmail & others focus on emails,
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People are more than just their contact details, so Conduit goes beyond any other tool — providing concise, actionable information to help you care about others & work faster.

See what's happened recently

Go beyond calendar event titles: Conduit surfaces recent & upcoming interactions and shows you what you're actually doing.

Review & take your notes

Your Conduit notes are right in your inbox. Never forget any personality quirks or details. Organize your thoughts with Markdown.

A thread's a party

And everyone's here. Navigate everyone on an email thread, including CC'd and BCC'd contacts.

1 click to find; 2 clicks to create

Locate Conduit contacts instantly, even if they're not on the email. If someone isn't a contact yet, create one with details automatically pre-filled.

Faster, easier, yet still personal.
Conduit start your email drafts for you.

Email templates, say hi to AI. Using natural language and data from your personalized relationships, Conduit automates the cookie-cutter parts of writing email — so you can focus on the good stuff, sooner.

Let Conduit prepare a follow-up

With Follow Up Assist™, Conduit prepares emails you're about to write, including greetings, courtesies, and relationship commentary.

It's like stationary from the future

Let Conduit write email intros for you

With Intro Assist™, Conduit instantly writes email introductions between contacts, with relationship details & more. Just add personal touches.

Imagine flying through intros
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Conduit can dramatically
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Jordan Synnot
and 2 other emails
Reason App Dynamics, Inc.
SVP Sales
(512) 555-0145
2 notes; last from 4 months ago
Smart guy; worked hard after college to build business
14 interactions (first met 2 years ago)
Upcoming dinner next week
Tuesday, July 14 at 7pm — Naco Taco, 297 Massachusetts Ave
Last was drinks last Friday
Tuesday, July 6 at 9pm — A4cade, 292 Massachusetts Ave
Conduit workflow actions
Draft an email for Jordan
Generic email with a friendly greeting
Make an intro for Jordan
Intro Assist™ writes email intros for you
Following up every 2 months
via Conduit Resurface™
Jennifer and 1 other also on this thread
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