We're building the technology to
power & organize the relationship economy.

Late 2016
Cambridge MA
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Cups of coffee

Rethink networks & relationships

The knowledge economy is now the relationship economy— but existing tools & services are stuck in the past. To solve this difficult problem, we must reimagine tools and design new workflows from the ground up.

Be product-focused and down to earth

High-quality product enables others and delights everyone. In everything we do, we must be phenomenal and experience driven. We are friendly and attentive. We fix problems fast. We add small details. We care.

Enable our customers & the ecosystem

Our product touches many individuals and organizations. We must be ecosystem builders, team players, and partners. Everyone answers tickets and talks to customers. We learn each and every day.

Join the team.

We're hiring for all roles in Boston and, opportunistically, for some growth roles in San Francisco beginning mid-2019.
All positions are salaried and include early-stage equity. Apply via careers@conduithq.com (preferred) or via AngelList.

Our Boston/Cambridge office is based in beautiful Harvard Square.