Intelligence & automation to
engage relationships that matter.

Conduit helps people & organizations build
meaningful, high-value relationships— faster, more actionably, and with the power of data.

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Relationships at a glance

CRM made human. Conduit combines email, calendar, & LinkedIn— highlighting key events, how you met, and more.

Insights without the effort

Stay on top, always. Improve weak relationships, share insights with others, and get smart reminders.

Automate what you do

Revolutionary AI prepares emails & texts for you, leveraging relationship data. So you can focus on relationship building.

In the relationship economy,
Conduit helps you navigate it all.

Traditional CRMs aren't for relationships. Conduit is a new tool for a new era — people-centric from the ground up, and AI-driven for less work.


You are empowered by the Personal Graph

Reduce your effort, and see it all: Conduit's platform combines data from services you already use — email, calendar, LinkedIn, and more — to find higher-level insight. All without needing your attention.

How'd we meet? Who made the introduction?
How is this relationship? What can I do to improve it?
What should I know before my upcoming meeting?
Which of my top connections are fading?
When is the best time for me to follow up next?
While I'm in NYC, who should I ask for coffee?
What are the most useful introductions I can make?
Who in my network would be helpful to this person?
How can I share key points about this relationship?

Building strong relationships takes time.
Understanding them shouldn't.

Conduit makes the big picture small: our powerful sync & analysis showcases the key parts and details from each relationship.

Connect your data, with intelligence from day one.

Import email, contacts, and calendar from the services you already use.
We'll even filter out anything that's irrelevant or sensitive. Conduit cares about privacy

Get a better executive summary

Powerful visualizations and high-level overview help you see the facts. Conduit intelligently matches contacts to calendar events, even if they're not invited.

Events, emails, & LinkedIn together

No more jumping between inboxes, calendars, and social. Our timeline is your source of truth, with automatic detection of coffee chats, meetings, & more.

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Don't forget to stay in touch with others.
Conduit Resurface brings people back.

Tell us how often you want to talk to someone. That's it.

Resurface analyzes your relationships to show you the most relevant people for follow-up.  Farewell, bad memory.

Todos and reminders

For granular actions, add todos for contacts and set up reminders via notification or email.

Digest emails

Prefer email? Enable daily or weekly digests, and we'll send you five people each time.

Add Resurface to your contacts

Every two months

We analyze your relationships

Resurface for others
How busy you are
Last time you met

We suggest the top people to you

You last got coffee with Jane Anders 3 months ago.
You last called Tyler Daniels a week ago.

We continuously update suggestions


Dashboard— for what's relevant.
Contextual cards show you what you need to know.

No more digging: your Dashboard brings to you anything from yesterday's coffee chat to tomorrow's investor meeting.

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